A Heartfelt Birthday Message by Dwayne Johnson For His Daughter

Dwayne Johnson can’t believe his daughter, Simone, is growing up so quickly.
On Monday, the actor celebrated Simone’s 16th birthday with a super sweet Instagram post. “And just like that my baby girl @simonegjohnson turns 16,” he captioned a flashback photo of when his daughter was still a little girl. “Feels like just yesterday, I held her tiny body in my hands the day she was born as I whispered, ‘I’m gonna love and take care of you for the rest of my life.’ She of course cried, which in newborn lingo translates to, ‘You’re the best damn daddy on the planet.’ True story.”

Continuing to show his happiness with his daughter, Johnson added: “Happy Birthday, honey! I’m so proud of the awesome young woman you’ve become. Keep your eyes on that prize, keep working hard and I got your back every step of the way. Now go have fun! #FatherDaughterBond #OurSnapPhilosophy”
β€œThe Rock” loves to pull out all the stops when it comes to birthdays. When his youngest daughter, Jasmine, turned a year older this December, he shared a video of him singing “Happy Birthday,” which was heart-melting.
Then on his birthday in May, he also posted a picture of himself and Jasmine together. “This lil’ mama surprised me by runnin’ into my arms and yelling, ‘Daaaahdeeeeee,’ which in my mind clearly means, ‘Happy birthday, daddy! You’re the coolest daddy on the planet and the sexiest man alive. Now go crush your workout and keep stayin’ woke,'” he wrote in the caption.

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